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I am a long time Arizona beekeeper and biologist with over 15 years in the desert managing my ladies. We treat our bees like family here! Our girls produce some of the world's finest honeys in beautiful Arizona. Our hives are managed organically. I do not treat my bees with pesticides. My bees are kept far away from neighborhoods and/or agriculture lands where herbicides and pesticides are in use! I am a desert beekeeper with natural, raw unfiltered honeys!!

Beekeeping Consultant


My name is Nick “The Beekeeper” Baker. I have been a beekeeper for 15 years. I am also a collegiate biology professor, so education is also my passion! I started in research with honey bees for nearly a decade studying their behavior and brains. I have many scientific peer reviewed articles from my time at ASU’s Honey Bee Research Facility as their lead beekeeper and research technologist. I have five years’ experience as a commercial beekeeper managing roughly 300 hives and work full time. I was a honey bee inspector for a number of years in California during almond pollination (I inspected tens of thousands of beehives from around the country!). I have lived and been a beekeeper in Norway and Japan. This has allowed me to stream line my practices and learn from those not only around the world but 3rd and 4th generation beekeepers. I was taught beekeeping by a master beekeeper who has been practicing for nearly 40 years. I have friendships and contacts with commercial beekeepers who manage upwards of 10,000+ hives. 

Do you have trouble maintaining your hives throughout the year? Do your bees die off in large numbers over winter? Do you constantly struggle with your hives becoming aggressive? Can you not recognize the many, many diseases that bees carry and how to diagnose and treat them? Can you tell when they are starving or are becoming plugged out? Can you look at the foraging pattern without opening the hive to diagnose a potential problem? Can you pop the lid and tell if your bees are ok or need some help? Do you know how to start from a package or nuc and which is the better choice and what time of year to actually purchase the bees? Do you want someone to just come out and go through your hive with you and spend some time one-on-one discussing how to be successful? Don’t have time or want to drive far away to take a beekeeping class? Do you want to expand your operation and learn how to work and generate great income with a larger number of hives?

Do any of these questions ever come up and you wish you could just talk to someone who’s not a hobbyist but does this for a living?

If so, contact me and I will come to you and your beehive so we can go through it together. I can answer all your questions and ones that you haven’t even thought of. I will teach you how to recognize when to actually open your hive… They are bees, they don’t need us constantly going through them and rearranging stuff! I will teach you just by popping the lid on whether or not you should pull frames out to look. I am an open book of scientific and practical beekeeping knowledge. I can save you time and money by coming to you and spending time together without distractions to manage your hive. After, you will have access to me via text or call where I will continue to support you in your beekeeping endeavors. 

My rate $40/hr. I bet we can get you up and running in one to two hours! You will be expert enough to not waste more money on queens or guess work! PM me for my contact information today!

Nick “The Beekeeper” Baker

Seasonal Pricing


All pricing below is for a single gallon or five gallon bucket. When purchasing two or more the prices will go down! 

Available for pick-up in the Phoenix/Ahwatukee area or delivery depending on quantity.

Arizona Orange Blossom -


 $250/Five gallon bucket


Mesquite - 


$185/Five gallon bucket

Camelthorn -


$250/Five gallon bucket


Alfalfa/Wild Flower - 


$185/Five gallon bucket

Email for more details or to set-up a pick up or delivery time!

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